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Harold Ruiz-Franck

& Development

Jörg Schirrmacher



Continuous improvement

The research and development unit supplies all other units with the newest methods and processes as well as soft­ware solutions.

It constantly addresses current issues and challenges. This requires that we draw on our extensive experience in many suc­cess­ful projects. We also partner with various colleges and universities on certain topics in the context of student research papers and graduate theses.

Intensive communication with other companies – for example within the rotor blade alliance– delivers a steady stream of new insights that we can leverage to continuously improve our products.

We are in constant contact with man­u­fac­turers of the materials used in producing rotor blades, and assess the newest developments in terms of their technical and economic potential to improve our products.

This guarantees that we are well-placed to deal with future challenges, and to work efficiently with the goal of securing our customers’ long-term success.

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