Sebastian Perez Becker

Loads & Controls

Tobias Rolf

Loads & Controls


Loads and operations management

The loads simulation is one of the essential tasks of the turbine design process with strong effect on the successful rotor blade design. In the iterative and interactive process of rotor blade design, the loads calculation team supports the aerodynamic design and structural design teams during each step of design process. For the calculation of rotor blade loads, we rely on a combination of in-house tools and the industry standard software Bladed.

Cutting-edge software

Our blades are analyzed for aeroelastic stability and flutter stability with inhouse codes and commercial codes like BLADMODE (developed by ECN) and Hawc2Stab (developed by DTU).

In case customer calculated loads are considered in the blade design process, we have established interfaces to most commercial load calculation software packages. We support our customers in processing their loads data if needed.

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