The best rotor blade for our customers

WINDnovation develops rotor blades for all types and performance categories of modern wind turbines. We differentiate between specific de­vel­op­ments for in­di­vid­u­al customers and our WINDblades.

Custom solutions

For the individual customer, we develop a rotor blade in line with the specifications and requirements of that customer and his wind turbine, and in accordance with the production options and experience of the relevant production facilities.


The WINDblades are a family of rotor blades that we developed according to the requirements of typical wind turbines in one performance category, and that we supply to our customers through licensing agreements.

You decide

Both types of development have their advantages, which we discuss with each cus­tom­er to find the best-possible so­lution to their particular situation.

We have listed several examples above.

Please contact us if you need more in­for­ma­tion or if your specific need is not cov­ered here.

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