Leading rotor blade designer.

WINDnovation Engineering Solutions GmbH is the world’s leading designer of rotor blades for wind turbines. Since 2007 we have developed more than 200 rotor blades for all terrains and wind conditions in over 20 countries — more than any other company in this industry.

Always a custom solution

At WINDnovation, every rotor blade is developed expressly to fit the specific local conditions — we do not believe in standard solutions. This is the only way to always achieve optimum results for our customers.

Our constant striving for perfection means that for years now, WINDnovation has been the safe choice for designing the most efficient and most durable rotor blades on the market.

Unique mix of know-how

WINDnovation boasts a number of ex­treme­ly competent engineers from var­i­ous dis­ci­plines such as aero­dynamics, load sim­u­la­tions, material selection, and production tech­nol­o­gies. We are in a position to de­vel­op rotor blades entirely in-house and to find a perfect balance between the often conflicting re­quire­ments arising from these areas.

Our interdisciplinary project teams al­ways develop integrated solutions that are optimally aligned with all of a tur­bine’s components as well as its sur­round­ings.

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WINDnovation is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Our customers confirm:

“WINDnovation keeps close communication with us, carefully listens to our re­quire­ments and provides customized rotor blade solution for our projects. These competitive blade designs support us to be successful in the market."
Charlie Li, Technical Deputy General Manager, Shanghai AEOLON.

“WINDnovation’s engineers always find the most suitable rotor blade solution for me and my customers’ projects.”
James Qiao, General Manager, LZblades.

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